The Smart Accountants

A   Few   Words  About   Who   We  Are

What we had in mind while starting SmartAnts was the sole intention to help small businesses in order and providing virtual accounting services to the people who did not know how. Now we operate in different locations spread over countries with plans of expanding further.

SmartAnts is an accounting service provider company offering accounting outsourcing services. SmartAnts also provide a wide range of services other than accounting which include accounting package procurement and implementation consultancy and services.

Our main mission is to provide the best accounting and related services within an affordable price range. Our ambition is to provide clients live access to their books of accounts at any given moment in time and for doing this you do not have to incur any software or server costs.

how   SmartAnts   Works


What  Accounting  Software  we  use?

We are SAP certified professional for implementation.  We also work on a variety of other accounting software like Tally ERP, QuickBooks, ZOHO Books, Flash ERP, TATA Ex, Navision and many more. Don't worry we have got it all covered.

Our  Commitment

At SmartAnts, we’re committed to provide better and reliable services to our customers, that's why we come in to work each and every day. And it’s our purpose to deliver quality services to our customers and complete all tasks within a given time duration.

Key  benefits  for  
Our  Customer

For doing so, we provide our clients with "Virtual Smart Accountants" who are expert in their jobs and will stay in touch with you for your specific requirements.

Space Saving & Time Saving

Our virtual accountants do not require a dedicated desk at your premises. We operate from our own office making full use of the World wide web.

Readily Available

Virtual accountants are available on call, text, or Whatsapp during business hours. Just state your need and the job gets done.


We value our customers with privacy and do not share information or data to anyone outside our organization.

We   are   best   suited   for   the   following   customer   types

Small Business

Currently unsatisfied with their part-time accountants. Most of them are!


Because they are more focused on sales

Not so serious

Because they don't want the burden of using Accounting Software or even buying one for their organization.

The Science People

These people do not know what to Debit & what to Credit and definitely don't like Tally.

Bulk Data Entry

Someone who has a lot of pending backlog of accounting entries, master creation, updating, and correction.

Quick Service Restaurants

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SmartAnts is proud to say that we are certified by Government of India as a Startup under the Startup India Scheme.